Long Sleeve Blouse Patterns for Sarees

Long Sleeve Blouse Patterns for Sarees

Saree Blouse Designs with Long Sleeves

This is a really fascinating stage for saree lovers, due to the fact that wide variety of blouse designs are remarkably improving.We notice woman dressed in old design of blouse for sarees are looking . Female are all-set to try with various styles, be it the noodle strap, puff- sleeves, backless or the long.In the current periods different patterns and designs of blouse have modified. Indian market and also the TV industry have made a good impact on the many general trends of blouses.Long sleeve blouses are a trend these days.Long sleeve blouses of  semi-transparent or transparent material is the perfect approaches for wearing saree. Attractive Lace with fancy designs must be stitched into full or three-quarter length sleeve, so that the beautiful lace pattern can be liked by everyone.

There are a lot of varieties of Long Sleeve Saree Blouses but transparent long blouse is the best. Heavy embroidered lace on the cuff gives you the ideal look.Polka dots  appears incredible. Netted long sleeve also gives a fine look to the lady. Even lace material can look elegant on a long sleeve.Bunch of cloth accumulated at the cuff area (churi) for cotton type of cloth will look decent too.Lets take a look of some trendsetters picture.

Bollywood actress Zarina Khan in long sleeves sari blouse

Zarina Khan, Bollywood actress, in designer sari paired with long sleeves sari blouse having designer neck style.


Look at Aishwarya rai bachan in black Georgette net saree with embroidery, glass work and red lace border combined with long net sleeves blouse giving her beautiful look.

Chinmayi-Ghatrazui-black-long sleeves-saree

Indian actress Chinmayi Ghatrazu in ever green red and black combination Indian saree.It is paired with long sleeves designer saree blouse with sequins butties.The red chiffon saree with contrasting black velvet border is extremely eye-catching.



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